Wet Weather Planning

We've all heard the saying that the "weather is the one thing you can't control on your wedding day", and while this is true we believe you can certainly make some plans ahead of time that'll put your mind at ease if a rainy forecast looms. To help calm the nerves and ensure you're prepared we've pulled together our advice on dealing with rain on your wedding day, and some wet weather tips to keep in mind for a seamless celebration with us at Baylys' Farm.

1) Ceremony Back Up Plans

When it comes to your ceremony, we have a few Plan B options we can implement on the day to ensure you and your guests have a dry and enjoyable experience. Alternative ceremony locations at our Onewhero Venue include:

  • The Point
  • Bottom of Marquee Lawn
  • Next to the Cabins overlooking Onewhero Bay
  • Inside Marquee

When you arrive on your set-up day we will chat through and show you these locations, tailoring our recommendations based on the weather predicted. You won't need to make any final decisions at this stage, so you can take some time to think through what location you'd prefer.

On the day we will then see what the weather brings, and make a final call on the ceremony location with you or your planner/coordinator around midday. From there we will set the ceremony up in the chosen location with your other vendors. You'll need to be mindful that some vendors, such as florists, may need you to confirm your ceremony location earlier in the day so that they can complete their installations in time.

If we've set the ceremony up outside and a shower comes through right as your guests arrive, we can hold them undercover in the marquee while we wait for the rain to pass. From there our team will dry off your ceremony seating and help usher guests to their seats when you're ready. If the rain doesn't pass our team can then quickly set-up the ceremony inside the marquee using your dining seating, and we have a few pointers on how to make this seamless in Tip 2 below.

If it's a day where it is showering on and off you could also consider changing the timeline of your ceremony and making it slightly shorter in order to reduce the risk of you and your guests getting caught out in the rain. We'd recommend chatting to your celebrant about this to get their tips, but it could mean doing the speaking parts outside and then signing the paperwork afterwards undercover. This also ensures your important marriage documents won't get wet!

2) Consider Rain When Planning Your Marquee Layout

Our biggest tip when planning your seating plan and marquee layout is to consider free space and give yourself as much room as possible should you need to host the day inside due to wet weather. To achieve this we recommend spacing your dining tables and chairs close together and aligning them to the left-side of the marquee (if facing the ocean). This will give you more room at the dance floor end, which would be used to host your ceremony as well as give guests space to mix and mingle (... and dance later on of course!).

You will also need to consider any vendors that will need to set-up inside if it's raining, such as the bar team. Our Marquee Bar is portable, which means we'll move it inside to keep the bar dry and ensure your guests have easy access to drinks if it is raining. We'll discuss the location of the bar on your set-up day but keep in mind that you may need to allow space for this.

In addition to the above, if you have booked a band it's worth asking how much space they need inside the marquee and request if they can set-up as tightly as possible if it is going to be a rainy day.

If you're unsure on how this will work for you we're more then happy to provide a complimentary marquee plan based on your guest numbers and proposed seating layout.

3) Prepare a Wet Weather Kit

Another key thing to consider are items that might make life a little easier in the case of a rainy day. Clear umbrellas are perfect for rainy photography, as pictured above. We recommend having a few clear umbrellas that are set aside exclusively for the 'bride and groom' or 'wedding party', and make sure that these aren't handed out to guests before you're able to get to them.

At Baylys' Farm we provide black golf umbrellas that you and your guests are welcome to use throughout the day, and we also have a basket of woollen blankets to keep guests warm.

You might also want to consider packing a second outfit and shoes so you can change out of wet and heavy clothes and enjoy your time on the dance floor later in the evening.

4) Trust Your Vendors

And finally, put your faith in your vendors! If you're booking wedding professionals you can pretty much guarantee that they would have worked in all weather conditions throughout their career, and will know how to make it the best possible day for you.

If you'd like to cover all bases in the planning phase you could ask any prospective vendors if you can see examples of their work on a rainy day (e.g. photographers or videographers), ask what their contingency plans would be, or even if they have any recommendations on rain-friendly styling (e.g. hair and make-up artists).

Lean on your vendors for recommendations and advice, and know that they will be doing everything they can do ensure your day runs smoothly no matter what weather is thrown your way!

Photos from Rochelle and Nick's Wedding Day, by Moments and Waves Photography