In Conversation with Baylys’ Bride, Jess

We had the pleasure of hosting Jess and her husband Jake for their wedding day in March 2023. Jess has kindly answered some questions about their engagement, wedding planning and of course the big day itself. We hope you enjoy reading through our conversation and get an insight into being a Baylys' bride!

Tell us a little bit about your engagement and how you landed on booking Baylys’ Farm for your wedding day

Our engagement is still one of our most fond memories, Jake pulled out all the magic to ensure the big proposal went off without a hitch. We were still in semi lock down when he hatched his plan months earlier to propose. He involved our nearest and dearest to be a part of the big day, from beautiful heartfelt congratulation videos which he played for us both after he popped the big question. The engagement itself was everything I could have dreamed of, Jake put in so much thought taking me on a day of adventure disguised as a birthday weekend surprise. Throughout the whole weekend he kept blind folding me and upon my last surprise for the day, he asked me to take the blind fold off to him down on one knee, tears were shed and lots of laughter was had and of course the big yes said, multiple times just for clarity ha-ha! 

We landed on booking Baylys' Farm after viewing a few venues that we walked away from feeling flat or like something was just missing. In terms of a venue, we wanted the "ocean meets farm" as we both grew up rurally by the ocean. When we came across Baylys' Farm it gave us that similar feeling that we gave each other, "it's the one" or in this case it's the venue! However, what truly set the venue apart was meeting Melita that first day, she provided that sense of excitement, warmth, encouragement & reassurance to then take you through the months of planning. 

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How did you choose your vendors? What were the best avenues you used to find vendors that aligned with you both as a couple? 

Baylys' Farm provides an incredible guide to amazing vendors they recommend which is very useful. Jake and I chose our vendors based on these recommendations and viewing their previous work online. 

What things did you find most helpful along your planning journey? Did you receive any items or advice that made the process easier?

The Baylys' Farm run sheet and checklist! This was a lifesaver and was so valuable. As well, staying connected with Jake, a lot goes into planning a wedding and we booked check in's where we would tick off decisions and plan together which made the journey really fun. 

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Looking back on the day, is there anything you would have done differently? Or was there anything that you are grateful you invested in now the day is complete?

I would do it all differently haha! But that's the kind of person I am, all in all it will be the most incredible, emotional and fast paced day of your life. You cannot change anything on the day so my advice would be decisive and comfortable in your wants, I was quite relaxed when it came to a few things and now looking back they're the things I wish I could change (although no one else would notice). I think the main thing to keep in mind is the day is about you and your significant other deciding to commit to one and other in marriage, nothing and no one else matters and it truly will be one of the best days of your lives together.

The one thing I'm grateful for is investing in a videographer. Having all the little moments captured and the energy from the day is something we will treasure for years, the memory of the day begins to fade after the whirlwind of it all but having that to look back on brings you right back to your why and the beauty in your love for one and other. In years to come I'm so excited for our children to watch it one day and witness why mum and dad got married and being able to look back on all our loved ones celebrating our love together and becoming family. 

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What would be your main on-the-day tips for couples?

1. Eat breakfast the morning of the wedding, force yourself too. The champagne will go to even the most seasoned of champagne drinkers heads and trust me the nerves will make you feel slightly tipsy even if you're dead sober.

2. Take 15 minutes alone with each other, without the photographer, without the bridal & groom party. Completely alone together, take that moment. The months of planning have all come to a near end and just bask in the beauty of your day and that you did it! You will not regret taking that moment to just be with one and other away from the noise, just to be.

3. Lastly, just have fun and be yourselves, you are there for each other! You're surrounded by those that you love and value the most in life, nothing else in those moments matter and what will be will be! Enjoy the day!